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Category: Workflow Tag: sequence

Workflow Compare genome, extract proteins which are... (1)

  Takes GI number for source (non-pathogenic) and target (pathogneic) genomes, extracts list of all proteins from each genome using GenBank database. Outputs prtoeins in FastA format. Creates database from source proteins using formatdb (locally installed) and blasts (local installed) proteins from target against this database. Extracts protens which are unique (no blast hits) to the target (pathogenic) genome based on eValue set by user. Takes unique proteins from target and blasts aga...

Created: 2010-03-19 | Last updated: 2010-03-19

Credits: User Ian Laycock Network-member nclteamc

Attributions: Workflow fetchEnsemblSeqsAndBlast Workflow NCBI Gi to Kegg Pathways Workflow color_pathway_by_objects

Workflow DNA sequence analysis pilot (1)

Thumb         Workflow-based  DNA sequence analysis on the Dutch Life Science Grid, presented as Application Showcase at the NBIC Conference 2009, Lunteren, The Netherlands, 17 & 18 March 2009. may 15th 2009. Hands on workflow: grid-enabled medical imaging  (Johan Montagnat – Tristan Glatard)  

Created: 2009-07-10 | Last updated: 2009-11-30

Credits: User Angela Luijf User Glatard

Workflow Using CQL to query protein sequence data (1)

To query protein sequence infomation out of 3 caGrid data services: caBIO, CPAS and GridPIR Adapted from

Created: 2009-05-07

Credits: User Stian Soiland-Reyes

Attributions: Workflow Using CQL to query protein sequence data

Workflow DOI Record Generator (1)

This workflow generates DOI record files for deposit, using data set metadata for the FLOSSmole project. It reads in an input file generated from a SQL query from an eprints database, and transforms the parts of the source file as necessary to create a comprehensive DOI deposit record. It also generates DOIs for the data sets. These metadata are inserted into an XML record template (based on the std-doi.xsd schema) and the individual resources are aggregated into a single file.

Created: 2009-04-29

Credits: User Andrea Wiggins

Attributions: Workflow Data Set Metadata Generator

Workflow Retrieve Protein Sequence (1)

Retrieves a protein sequence in Fasta format from GenBank, given a GenBank identifier. Example input for this workflow is: EDL10223.1

Created: 2008-07-30 | Last updated: 2009-12-03

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft

Workflow BLASTP with simplified results returned (2)

This workflow Performs a blastp search on protein sequence, extracts sequence id within the blast report and retrives the corresponding seuqences.

Created: 2007-10-03 | Last updated: 2008-03-06

Workflow Biomart and EMBOSS analysis (1)

Using Biomart and EMBOSS soaplab services, This workflow retrieves a number of sequences from 3 species: mouse, human, rat; align them, and returns a plot of the alignment result. Corresponding sequence ids are also returned.

Created: 2009-07-03 | Last updated: 2009-07-03

Credits: User Stian Soiland-Reyes

Attributions: Workflow BiomartAndEMBOSSAnalysis


Workflow Detrprok (4)

In the case study of stranded and prokaryotic RNAseq data, the Det'Rprok workflow detects candidates of 3 kinds of non coding RNA: 5'UTRs, antisense RNAs, and small RNAs.Inputs: i) an mapping file (bam format) containing one valid alignment by read, ii) a feature file (gff format) annotating the genomic sequences used for the mapping. Dependencies (from the Galaxy toolshed): "s_mart", "detrprok_scripts"

Created: 2013-05-20 | Last updated: 2015-11-03

Workflow Biomart Protein Sequence Retrieval (1)

This workflow queries Biomart to retrieve the Ensembl gene id, protein id, gene name, description and amino acid sequence from the Ensembl Homo sapiens dataset. The user needs to specify a defined chromosomal region i.e. Chromo = 1, Start = 100000000, End = 250000000. This returns all unique entries in FASTA format.

Created: 2009-03-09

Credits: User Kieren Lythgow

Workflow EBI_NCBI_BLAST (4)

This workflow performs an NCBI blast at the EBI. It accepts a protein sequence as input. Default values have been set for the search database (Uniprot), the number of hits to return (10), and all scoring and matrix options. These can be changed in the workflow by altering the string constant values if required. This workflow uses the new EBI services. They are asynchronous and so require looping over the nested workflow (Status) until the workflow has finished. Many of the EBI services now wo...

Created: 2011-01-17 | Last updated: 2013-05-30

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft User Hamish McWilliam

Attributions: Workflow EBI_NCBI_BLAST

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