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Workflow EBI_OLS_TermInfo (1)

Get details of an ontology term given its identifer. This workflow uses the EBI's Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) to get the details of the ontology term. The OLS suports a wide range of biological and bioinformatic ontologies. See for more information.

Created: 2008-07-09

Credits: User Hamish McWilliam


Workflow blastn and blastx (1)

This workflow accepts an url of a fasta file as input and performs an NCBI blastn at the EBI against the bacteria database and an NCBI blastx against the uniref90 database.  From the blast results of the blastx the hit with the lowest e-value is taken and the GO is returned. Output is blastx and blastn results and GO from the first hit of the blastx.   Based on Katy Wolstencroft & Hamish McWilliam EBI_NCBI_BLAST

Created: 2011-06-08 | Last updated: 2011-06-08

Credits: User Niek

Workflow UniProt to Gene Ontology (1)

Used parsed Uniprot results (see workflow to retrieve results about the protein from Gene Ontology and outputs it in text format.

Created: 2011-04-01 | Last updated: 2011-04-01

Credits: User Morgan Taschuk

Workflow Vaccine Targets Workflow (3)

Comparison of the genome of Bacillus anthracis to closely related strains will allow the discovery of proteins which may be involved in pathogenicity. Based on the biochemical pathways where the protein interacts, vaccines can be designed for these unique proteins. By gaining insight into the biochemical pathways that the unique proteins are involved in, the proteins can also be assessed for potential quality as vaccines. The key components of the vaccine finding system are the following: T...

Created: 2011-03-30 | Last updated: 2011-04-01

Credits: User Morgan Taschuk Network-member A Team

Workflow KEGG Pathways and Additional Information f... (2)

Takes in a tab-delimited BLAST file and finds additional information about the target proteins from KEGG, Gene Ontology, Interpro and PubMed.

Created: 2011-03-29 | Last updated: 2011-03-30

Credits: User Morgan Taschuk

Attributions: Workflow extract_uniprot_embl_gi.xml

Workflow Drug Re-Purposing Workflow (6)

The drug repurposing workflow system screens at least 20 bacterial proteomes against this set of proteins that are already being treated against using established drugs. By screening the bacterial proteomes it will be possible to find proteins of highly similar structure to those that are existing drug protein targets and so this will infer that it is highly likely that the drugs can be used as antimicrobials against these proteins of highly similar structure. Proteomes that will be screene...

Created: 2011-03-25 | Last updated: 2011-04-01

Credits: User Morgan Taschuk Network-member A Team

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