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Tag: myexperiment

Workflow myExperiment Group Activity Report (1)

Prepares a report (three CSV files) on the activity of a group on myExperiment.

Created: 2014-08-26

Credits: User Donal Fellows

Workflow Find workflow ancestors (2)

Given a t2flow file (Taverna 2 workflow), extract ancestor workflow UUIDs and search myExperiment for matching workflow entries. Note that this will also match the workflow itself and nested workflows, but does not match against other workflows having the same ancestors (but newer UUIDs).

Created: 2012-05-08 | Last updated: 2012-07-09

Credits: User Stian Soiland-Reyes

Workflow list of names of Taverna workflow contribu... (1)

Paste into 

Created: 2011-03-13

Credits: User David De Roure


Pack wf4ever slides

Created: 2010-12-02 09:52:26 | Last updated: 2010-12-02 10:16:34

 Slides for wf4ever kickoff meeting

3 items in this pack

Comments: 0 | Viewed: 25 times | Downloaded: 9 times


Workflow Tag Metadata (2)

  SPARQL query to show tag creator and creation time

Created: 2010-07-09 | Last updated: 2010-07-09

Credits: User David De Roure

Workflow Similar Workflows (1)

SPARQL query to to test for workflows that should be attributed or may just be copies of earlier workflows. Use with

Created: 2010-07-09

Credits: User David De Roure User David R Newman User Danius Michaelides

Workflow Downloads all Bioclipse Scripting Language... (1)

 Downloads all Bioclipse Scripting Language scripts uploaded to MyExperiment into the Bioclipse workspace, and opens them in JavaScript editors.

Created: 2010-06-23 | Last updated: 2010-06-23

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

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