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Workflow Compare genome, extract proteins which are... (1)

  Takes GI number for source (non-pathogenic) and target (pathogneic) genomes, extracts list of all proteins from each genome using GenBank database. Outputs prtoeins in FastA format. Creates database from source proteins using formatdb (locally installed) and blasts (local installed) proteins from target against this database. Extracts protens which are unique (no blast hits) to the target (pathogenic) genome based on eValue set by user. Takes unique proteins from target and blasts aga...

Created: 2010-03-19 | Last updated: 2010-03-19

Credits: User Ian Laycock Network-member nclteamc

Attributions: Workflow fetchEnsemblSeqsAndBlast Workflow NCBI Gi to Kegg Pathways Workflow color_pathway_by_objects

Workflow color_pathway_by_objects (1)

Color given objects on a pathway map with specified colors and return the URL of the colored image. In the KEGG pathway maps, a gene or enzyme is represented by a rectangle and a compound is shown as a small circle. Example of input: pathway_id: path:eco00260 object_list: (to add as list) eco:b0514 eco:b2913 fg_color: (to add as list) blue orange bg_color: (to add as list) red orange

Created: 2008-10-01 | Last updated: 2008-10-01

Credits: User Franck Tanoh

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