File Entry: Mind Matter and Contour : A Two Timing Ether or a Whole Concept

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Bronislaw Malinowskli, a pioneer of Anthropology as a science, proposed a scheme involving mirroring, need and symbolism with which to define a concept of culture founded on biological need. In light of the fact that all interpretation must be based on the physiological function of perception , an inclusive view of all natural and social processes occurring during the interval of witness associations, structured solely with respect to criteria of mirroring, need, and symbolism is proposed in which the element of time, considered a universally distributed state variable in systems composed of witness pairs, alternately finds single rather than plural representation in distinct witness frames, as a simultaneously mirrored component that reflects a need for the continuity of identity within the frame of referral of engaged witnesses. As all communications require familiarity, a shared or overlapping catalogue of witness arrived concepts, an elaboration of 'the concept' relating to contour, and referring to volume is essential towards the goal of reorienting witness perspective in theorizations to include the a member of the self belonging set of all perspectives. The (unwitnessible) concept, existing from comparative description related to experienced natural/physical structure and function is given definition as memory, an unwitnessible displacement effected from proximal associations of (witnessible) reflected energy, is descended from unreflected, enroute energy that is alternately construed in modern physics theory, divided into life possessing and life excluding spaces and possessing witness dependent relative time, to exist in spaces designated as 'the ether'.

DNA, an example of biological information, is proposed to be an energy bearing 'physical piece of path' that retains the parameters of the path of birthing reflected energy having as a source, location obtaining via obstruction to annihilation caused by energy to matter conversion, location-less-ground seeking "conceptual; energy". A geometrical form is proposed that has as components of description, differentials of physical location, motion, and coordinate sign with respect to plot path location as it reflects experience of the world as a set of containers and contained as natural components of space. An unwitnessible (as the disjointed parts of its' construction as a shape cannot be located for referral and analysis from points of observation for testimony) etiology of space and processes involving the possession of a definable contour having both conceptual and physical identity as an egg is imagined in application to real practice. The described etiology bases its' existence on negative selection occurred from obstruction to extended self-witness, loss of location and contiguity, i.e. loss of identity, and death of heterogeneously occupied spaces. A universe of non-random and dynamically emerging distributions of volumes and forces is proposed that possesses a unique contiguous monism, i.e. an, energy-bearing itself, concept of contour from which structure and function emerge. Processes, consciousness, cognition, perception, of the world external to the entity, self-generating possibility, might be captured to be confined by self-generating (excuse the pun as it is the self that is postulated to be obstructing), obstructing, witness and experience creating, forces to a contour rendering geometry of motion.

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