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Workflow Affymetrix Permutation-based Probe Level E... (1)

Affymetrix Permutation-based Probe Level Estimation (APPLE). Goal: Because of its cost, microarray experiments are frequently designed using a relatively small number of biological or technical replicates. This can result in low statistical power when the number of differentially expressed genes is inferred. This worklfow investigates whether the statistical power of Affymetrix experiments can be increased, without the need to increase the number of hybridizat...

Created: 2010-04-13 | Last updated: 2010-04-14

Workflow SigWin-detector Config-Basic (2)

Detects significant windows in a sequence. Input: A space-delimited file with (at least) one column containing the input sequence E= {E1, E2, …, EN}. A two-line header should precede the data. Input file example. Output: (1) A file containing the detected significant windows for each label. Each data row represents a stretch of consecutive significant windows. Column 1 gives the window size and columns 2 and 3 give the first and last significant windows in the stretch. Output file e...

Created: 2009-10-09 | Last updated: 2010-04-23

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