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Tag: statistics Licence: by-sa

Workflow Renaissance texts parameters (1)

Calculation of some basic parameters of renaissance texts written in different languages. Parameters: type count, token count, type token ratio, wordlength, entropy, conditional entropy, coincidence values, random walk values, repeated words and minimal pairs. Texts (from project Guttenberg, referenced in Dee (en), dante (it), descartes (lat), ceasar (anc lat), paracelsus (ger), melanchton (ger)

Created: 2012-01-11 | Last updated: 2012-01-11

Credits: User jhermes

Workflow r.stats workflow for pixel statistics (1)

r.stats operation for image. Output will group pixels by: DN, total area, relative %. This worflow is used inside the ice Class exampel as a nested workflow

Created: 2011-11-02 | Last updated: 2011-11-02

Credits: User Jorgejesus

Workflow Mouse Brain Image Analysis: General Linear... (1)

Overview - General Linear Model The workflow runs voxelwise statistics on two populations of mice. Each of the populations has been scanned prior to injection of a label and at four subsequent timepoints.   Problem addressed by this workflow The workflow addresses several problems. First of all, it performs co-registration between the subjects from the two populations and at different timepoints. It then scales all images. Finally, it runs a multiple linear regression module t...

Created: 2011-04-06 | Last updated: 2011-04-06

Credits: User Pipeline

Workflow Performing a double sided T-test on Brunn ... (1)

No description

Created: 2010-09-13 | Last updated: 2010-09-13

Credits: User jonalv

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