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Tag: data Licence: by-sa

Workflow Microbial Metagenomic Trait Statistical An... (9)

This workflow retrieves the following microbial metagenomic traits from the Microbial Metagenomic Trait Database: -GC content -Variance of GC content -Dinucleotides -Number of rRNA -Codon usage -Amino acid composition -Acidic to basic amino acids ratio -% of Transcriptional factors -% of classified reads -Functional content -Functional diversity -Taxonomic content -Taxonomic diversity After the retrieval performs the ecological analyses described in Barberan et al. 2012 (http://dx.doi.or...

Created: 2012-12-19 | Last updated: 2014-11-12

Credits: User Antonio Fernandez-Guerra User Renzo User Peliny Network-member BioVeL

Workflow Download QSAR data sets using the OpenTox ... (1)

 Bioclipse script that uses the OpenTox API 1.1 to download all QSAR data sets from a given service.

Created: 2010-03-22

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow Non-redundant protein alignments (1)

Execute BLASTP program to search protein databases using a protein query: Input file from iPlant Discovery Environment Save the data extract of similar sequences created by BLASTP Execute XMKNR to a compute a non-redundant set from a large collection of protein sequences. Input from the data extract created by BLASTP. Perform multiple sequence alignments using Clustal Omega and TCoffee Input from data extract created by XMKNR To execute this workflow, you need to be logged into the Bio...

Created: 2012-12-19 | Last updated: 2012-12-19

Credits: User Carol Lushbough

Avatar Baj

Workflow NGS sample workflow with data (1)

 Sample workflow for NGS data analysis This worklfow relies on community contributions that can be installed through the following update site: specifically the  KNIME NGS tools and the KNIME R Scripting extensions.    

Created: 2011-06-24 | Last updated: 2011-06-24

Credits: User Baj


Workflow Download Structures from PubChem given che... (1)

This workflow takes the input file containing chemical names and returns a single SDF file of structures. The names are searched against pubchem compounds via e-search. If the compound name is found an XML file containing PubChem ID is returned.The max return compound_ID is set to 1 which could be increased. If the compound name is not found then no ID is returned.  The pubchem compound_ID is then used to download structures from PubChem.  

Created: 2011-05-24 | Last updated: 2011-05-24

Credits: User Kalai User Michael Gerlich

Attributions: Workflow Download Entries from PubChem

Workflow Search OpenTox data sets by title. (1)

 Use of an OpenTox ontology server to find data sets with a particular string in the title, such as 'EPA' as in this case.

Created: 2010-11-14 | Last updated: 2010-11-14

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow Run OpenTox models on local data. (1)

 Runs a remote OpenTox model to predict properties for local data which is uploaded on the fly.

Created: 2010-11-13 | Last updated: 2010-11-13

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow Count the number of MetaPrint2D predicted ... (1)

 MetaPrint2D (doi: 10.1186/1471-2105-11-362) is used to calculate the number of red, orange, and green markers that indicate how likely an atom in the drug is metabolized (read the paper for the fine prints). It counts them for each molecule and reports them, as a set of three molecular descriptors that could potentially correlate with how well the molecule is metabolized (hypothesis).

Created: 2010-08-04 | Last updated: 2010-08-04

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow Create an OpenTox API dataset and add mole... (2)

 Bioclipse script that creates a data set  at an OpenTox API capable server, and adds molecules to it.

Created: 2010-08-04 | Last updated: 2010-11-13

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow Warp2D - 2D Time Alignment Workflow (3)

2D Time Alignment We describe a new time alignment method that takes advantage of both dimensions of LC-MS data to resolve ambiguities in peak matching while remaining computationally efficient. This approach, Warp2D, combines peak extraction with a two-dimensional correlation function to provide a reliable alignment scoring function that is insensitive to spurious peaks and background noise. One-dimensional alignment methods are often based on the total-ion-current eluti...

Created: 2010-05-20 | Last updated: 2010-11-22

Credits: User Ishtiaq AHMAD

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