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Tag: python

Workflow Executes Python script (4)

Snippet showing how to use Taverna Tool in Service template folder for executing a Python script. This workflow needs Python to be installed on the local system, and declared in the PATH enviromental variable, so any python script could be executed from a terminal.

Created: 2011-07-14 | Last updated: 2013-04-22

Credits: User Jose Enrique Ruiz

Workflow Python script for face and smile detection (1)

The aim of this script was using OpenCV, to successfully detect faces and smiles from a batch of images.

Created: 2019-05-16 | Last updated: 2019-09-27

Credits: User Georgios Kargas

Workflow Simple Python example (1)

This workflow generates a random number within the range 0 to 100. The generation is done by a python script. The workflow assumes that python is in the path.

Created: 2014-04-03

Credits: User Alex Nenadic


Workflow MatchboxHadoopAPI (1)

The workflow MatchboxHadoopApi.t2flow enables using of matchbox tool on Hadoop with Taverna. This workflow is based on Python scripts and Hadoop Streaming API included in"pythonwf" folder of pc-qa-matchbox project on github ( this workflow we assume that digital collection is located on HDFS and we have a list of input files in format "hdfs:///user/training/collection/00000032.jp2" - one ro...

Created: 2013-11-05

Credits: User Roman Network-member SCAPE

Workflow Retrieve object properties from NED and VO... (4)

From an initial list of galaxy names, retrieve some of their properties from Virtual Observatory archives and services (NASA Extragalactic Database NED), and calculate others like Distance, based on the ones previously obtained (e.g. recession velocity, equatorial and galactic coordinates). The sample is filtered in a later step with criteria related to the angular size of the object and its declination. The goal is to build a sample of objects and their properties with up-to-date physical in...

Created: 2013-04-25 | Last updated: 2013-06-27


Workflow Antibiotic resistance profiling (1)

 A workflow that takes a user defined genomic sequence and queries a third party database of genes encoding antibiotic resistance through a BLAST search for matching sequences. The accession IDs from the matches are extracted and the Entrez webservice is used to retrieve genbank records for the antibiotic resistance genes found. A python script is essential in the functioning of this workflow and this can be found at along with a user and maintenance manual whic...

Created: 2013-03-08

Credits: User Team A

Workflow Environment (2)

From a previously selected cube of galaxies residing in a remote database, we provide extragalactic environment parameters for all galaxies sample. This workflow takes as input the path of the tabular *.pckl Python pickle dataset created in the previous workflow, as well as the database connection settings and several criteria on how to filter the potential companions of the target galaxies. It provides a file with the SDSS identifiers of each target galaxy of the sample, environmental estim...

Created: 2013-01-04 | Last updated: 2013-01-14

Credits: User Juandesant User Jsm

Workflow Intialize Sample (2)

This workflow saves a tabular *.pckl Python pickle dataset in the local file system, containing values calculated on physical parameters associated to potential companions of a sample of target galaxies. These original physical parameters are extracted from a postgreSQL database, containing information of all galaxies covered by the SDSS spectroscopic survey. The workflow first access the external database located in the AMIGA server and selects the target galaxies from the sample (those havi...

Created: 2013-01-04 | Last updated: 2013-01-05

Credits: User Juandesant User Jsm

Workflow Build plots from galfit and ellipse results (2)

Build plots from galfit and ellipse results (,

Created: 2012-08-30 | Last updated: 2012-09-07

Credits: User Julian Garrido

Workflow VOTable of NED Images from a List of Objects (1)

Extraction of metadata using NED Image Virtual Observatory Service into a single VOTable, providing a list of objects and the width for each field in arcmin. Among the most relevant metadata are the URL link to the FITS images. This Wf makes use of a Tool developed as an internal pyhton script file.

Created: 2012-07-01 | Last updated: 2012-07-01

Credits: User Jose Enrique Ruiz

Attributions: Workflow Astronomical object name to equatorial coordinates Resolver

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