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Tag: clustering Licence: by-sa

Workflow hierarchical microarray clustering (1)

To illustrate our caGrid plug-in’s application, we tested it with a microarray hierarchical clustering workflow that involves services hosted at multiple institutions. Microarrays are a high-throughput technology used to measure the expression of tens of thousands of genes in different tissues or cells. Scientists represent the data from each microarray via a vector (profile) in which each element represents a gene’s expression level. They use clustering analysis to identify sim...

Created: 2008-12-05 | Last updated: 2008-12-05

Credits: User Wei Tan

Workflow Clustering of Molecular Compounds with Bio... (4)

This workflow downloads an input set of molecular compounds in SMILES format, using Chemspider service. The most frequent molecular fragments are extracted by means of MoSS tool (see , in order to obtain a set of features for each compound. Then a clustering and a visual exploration of the input dataset is performed by BioDICE service (see, implementing Fast Learning Self-Organized Map (FLSOM) algorithm. Finally the ...

Created: 2013-05-29 | Last updated: 2014-01-09

Credits: User Antonino Fiannaca User Massimo La Rosa

Attributions: Workflow Get compound information Workflow Simple search

Workflow SNP identification and evaluation for Diab... (1)

This workflow gathers SNP information for a gene set of Diabetes Type II phenotype using BioMart queries. Furthermore, GO Terms and functional annotation clustering are defined for this gene set using FunctionalClusterDavid workflow. 

Created: 2015-06-23

Credits: User Nikolaos Bismpikos User Katy Wolstencroft

Attributions: Workflow FunctionalClusterDavid

Workflow FunctionalClusterDavid (1)

This workflow takes a list of Entrez Gene IDs as input and submits them to the DAVID REST API for functional clustering using OG annotaiton, biological pathways and disease associations. Used for analysing a set of genes (i.e. those differentially expressed for a particular disease condition).

Created: 2014-09-05

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft


Workflow document clustering (1)

Tesla Experiment Clustering wikipedia articles of different topics Evaluation of the results with the purity measure and rand index

Created: 2012-02-15 | Last updated: 2012-02-17

Credits: User AGeduldig

Workflow Agglomerative clustering of a GEO dataset ... (2)

No description

Created: 2011-04-28 | Last updated: 2011-12-13

Credits: User James Eales

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