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Type: Galaxy Tag: FASTA

Workflow Species of top BLAST hits (1)

Galaxy workflow for counting species of top BLAST hits.This is an example workflow using the Galaxy wrappers for NCBI BLAST+, see and Galaxy workflow (file is intended for an initial assessment of a transcriptome assembly to give a crude indication of any major contamination present based on the species of the top BLAST hit of 1000 representative sequences.Development of this workflow is und...

Created: 2015-04-08 | Last updated: 2015-04-08

Credits: User Peter Cock

Workflow Transform 'Stitch Gene blocks' FASTA block... (1)

Converts FASTA blocks to a FASTA file. Workflow published by galaxyproject on Galaxy Jun 27, 2012 imported to myExperiment Jul16, 2012 during demonstration of Galaxy-myExperiment integration

Created: 2012-07-16 | Last updated: 2012-07-16

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