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Type: KNIME Tag: metabolome

Workflow RetroPath2.0 - a retrosynthesis workflow w... (8)

The RetroPath2.0 workflow build a reaction network from a set of source compounds to a set of sink compounds.When applied in a retrosynthetic fashion, the source is composed of the target compounds and the sink is composed of the available reactants (for instance in the context of metabolic engineering the sink is the set of native metabolites of a chassis strain). From amongst all the chemical reactions generated using RetroPath2.0 (in the retrosynthetic way), only a subset may eff...

Created: 2017-05-24 | Last updated: 2018-10-11

Credits: User Baudoin Delépine Network-member BioRetroSynth


Workflow RetroPath2.0-Mods-metabolomics (2)

Set of workflows for the "Metabolome completion and metabolomics" use case:1) Produces a list of molecules using a user defined set of rules (RetroPath2.0 workflow).2) Takes as input the products generated by RetroPath2.0 and prepare the files to be read by OpenMS nodes.3) The last workflow finally searches for each produced compound the corresponding peak in some MS spectra.See [1] for details. How to useSee instructions embedded in the workflow.Usage specificationsThe workflo...

Created: 2017-06-30 | Last updated: 2018-11-14

Credits: User Thomas Duigou Network-member BioRetroSynth

Attributions: Workflow RetroPath2.0 - a retrosynthesis workflow with tutorial and example data

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