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Type: Taverna 1 Tag: pathway Licence: by-sa

Workflow Mapping microarray data onto metabolic pat... (1)

This workflow maps microarray data onto metabolic pathway diagrams represented as SBML models drawn using Cell Designer. To run this workflow requires libsbml to be installed into taverna - see

Created: 2007-11-14 | Last updated: 2007-11-22

Credits: User Peter Li

Workflow Microarray CEL file to candidate pathways (2)

This workflow takes in a CEL file and a normalisation method then returns a series of images/graphs which represent the same output obtained using the MADAT software package (MicroArray Data Analysis Tool) Also retruned by this workflow are a list of the top differentialy expressed genes (size dependant on the number specified as input - geneNumber), which are then used to find the candidate pathways which may be influencing the observed ch...

Created: 2008-02-08 | Last updated: 2009-02-13

Credits: User Paul Fisher User Saeedeh

Workflow NCBI Gi to Kegg Pathways (1)

This workflow converts a list of NCBI gi numbers and  converts them to a list of KEGG genes. Those KEGG gene ids are subsequently turned into KEGG pathway identifiers and descriptions. It also removes any null values from a list of strings. Example input for this workflow is as follows (new line separated): gi:215422388 gi:120407068

Created: 2009-06-08 | Last updated: 2009-12-14

Credits: User Paul Fisher

Workflow Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region (2)

This workflow searches for genes which reside in a QTL (Quantitative Trait Loci) region in the Pig, Sus scrofa. The workflow requires an input of: a chromosome name or number; a QTL start base pair position; QTL end base pair position. Data is then extracted from BioMart to annotate each of the genes found in this region. The Entrez and UniProt identifiers are then sent to KEGG to obtain KEGG gene identifiers. The KEGG gene identifiers are then used to searcg for pathways in the KEGG pathway ...

Created: 2009-11-20 | Last updated: 2009-11-20

Credits: User Paul Fisher

Attributions: Workflow Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region

Workflow Download pathways for external references ... (2)

Takes a list of external references to genes/proteins/metabolites, finds all pathways on WikiPathways that contain one of the given genes/proteins/metabolites and downloads them in a given file format.

Created: 2008-11-14

Credits: User Thomaskelder

Attributions: Workflow CloneItemsInList

Workflow color_pathway_by_objects (1)

Color given objects on a pathway map with specified colors and return the URL of the colored image. In the KEGG pathway maps, a gene or enzyme is represented by a rectangle and a compound is shown as a small circle. Example of input: pathway_id: path:eco00260 object_list: (to add as list) eco:b0514 eco:b2913 fg_color: (to add as list) blue orange bg_color: (to add as list) red orange

Created: 2008-10-01 | Last updated: 2008-10-01

Credits: User Franck Tanoh

Workflow Human Microarray Analysis (1)

This workflow takes in probesets from and AffyMetrix  Affy HG U133A micorarray experiment and returns: genes ; gene start and end positions; chromosome where genes reside; ensembl trasncripts; SwissProt ids. The final output of the workflow is a list of candidate pathways which are linked to the genes expressed in the microarray data.   Example input for this workflow is: 212283_at 221634_at 220399_at  

Created: 2008-02-08 | Last updated: 2009-12-03

Credits: User Paul Fisher

Workflow Get pathways by external reference (3)

Finds pathways on WikiPathways by an external gene/protein/metabolite reference. See for a list of supported database systems.

Created: 2010-01-13

Credits: User Thomaskelder

Workflow MassBank to KEGG (1)

Workflow that queries MassBank DB to retrieve database identifiers (KEGG, PubChem, InChI) and continue search with them to retrieve pathways from KEGG for given compound identifier,searches PubChem via eutils and PUG, queries ChemSpider for compound information and image. Note: Usage of ChemSpider web services requires a valid security token - receive one by registering at ChemSpider (look at your profile to see your token)

Created: 2009-03-30 | Last updated: 2009-03-30

Credits: User Michael Gerlich

Workflow Write pathway to disk (2)

Downloads and writes a pathway from WikiPathways to a local disk in the given file type.

Created: 2008-11-14 | Last updated: 2008-11-14

Credits: User Thomaskelder

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