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Type: Taverna 1 Tag: term extraction

Workflow Extract Scientific Terms (1)

This workflow takes in a document containg text and removes any non-ascii characters. The cleaned text is then sent to a service in Dresden, to extract all scientific terms. These terms represent a concept profile for the input concpet. Any null values are also removed.

Created: 2009-08-10 | Last updated: 2009-08-10

Credits: User Paul Fisher


Workflow Termine Webservice (1)

Termine is a service provided by the National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) to assist in the discovery of terms in text. More information on the Termine service can be found here. This workflow represents the simplest method of using Termine. The input represents a text string with the output being an string containing a representation of the list of terms, with their C-Value scores (representing significance in the text), in a simple xml format. Other variations of this tools will be adde...

Created: 2008-05-19 | Last updated: 2008-05-19

Credits: User Brian Rea Network-member National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM)

Workflow Rank Phenotype Terms (1)

This workflow counts the number of articles in the pubmed database in which each term occurs, and identifies the total number of articles in the entire PubMed database. It also identified the total number of articles within pubmed so that a term enrichment score may be calculated. The workflow also takes in a document containing abstracts that are related to a particular phenotype. Scientiifc terms are then extracted from this text and given a weighting according to the number of terms that ...

Created: 2009-08-10

Credits: User Paul Fisher

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