File Entry: General Circulation & Principal Wave Modes in Andaman Sea: Fluid Dynamics of Andaman Sea from Observations

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This book introduces you to the realm of physical oceanography of Andaman Sea with the application of simple tools of data analysis. It draws insight into the general circulation of the covert oceanic domain, which was seldom explored in earlier expeditions. Intense down welling occurs to the north coast of Indonesia during Summer, locally forced by south-westerlies. According to the study, Equatorial Wyrtki jets remotely force Kelvin waves of downwelling nature in the basin during April and October. Further, it throws light on the baroclinic wave modes which affect its dynamics. The circulation in Andaman Sea is characterised by gyres or vortices, which is the manifestation of Rossby waves of semi-annual mode. The basin has a characteristic 120-day mode of westward propagating long Rossby wave packets which reflect off the coast of Andaman and Nicobar Islands as eastward propagating short Rossby waves.


This study draws insight into the general circulation of Andaman Sea, a covert oceanic domain, which was seldom explored in earlier expeditions. The landmark discovery of coastal downwelling and upwelling in the South Andaman Sea makes this study a special one. Such phenomena has far-reaching consequences on the social-economic fabric of the country concerned, as this determine the availability of fishes during different times of an year. Besides, the discovery of Kelvin Waves and Rossby Waves in Andaman Sea with detailed description of the wave characteristics is first of its kind in the basin. Hence this paper is the first comprehensive study on the dynamics of circulation in Andaman Sea.

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