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Workflow CTF - MEG Event Averager (1)

This workflow applies parametrs in a user-specified processing.cfg file to a set of MEG data files. The datasets must be in CTF-format, such as those produced by Omega275 systems. The processing.cfg file and datasets are selected at the initialization of the workflow.  processing.cfg can be created by the data inspection tool DataEditor, and contains desired filter settings etc. This file can also be edited easily with a text editor to tweak settings. The workflow identifies all the trig...

Created: 2010-07-06 | Last updated: 2010-07-06

Credits: User Lakelander

Workflow CTF - MEG SAM Analysis (1)

Uses a user-defined text protocol file containing SAM analysis parameters and applies them to a set of MEG datasets. The dataset must be in CTF MEG system format.

Created: 2010-07-15 | Last updated: 2010-07-15

Credits: User Lakelander

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