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Workflow btit (1)

Retrieve definitions of given database entries available on GenomeNet database. Example of input: hsa:1798 mmu:13478

Created: 2008-09-30 | Last updated: 2008-09-30

Credits: User Franck Tanoh

Workflow binfo (1)

Show the version information of a specificied database.  Example of input: "gb"  for Genbank database "sp" for swissprot database "emb" for embl database

Created: 2008-09-30 | Last updated: 2008-09-30

Credits: User Franck Tanoh

Workflow bget (1)

Retrieve database entries specified by a list of entry_id. Number of entry_id retrieves at a time is restricted up to 100 Example of input: eco:b0002 hin:tRNA-Cys-1

Created: 2008-09-29

Credits: User Franck Tanoh

Workflow bfind (1)

Used for searching entries by keywords. User needs to specify a database from those which are supported by DBGET system before keywords. List of databases available at : Example of input parameter: gb E-cadherin human

Created: 2008-09-29 | Last updated: 2008-09-29

Credits: User Franck Tanoh

Workflow omim and pathways (2)

This workflow searches OMIM for entries associated with a particular disease in OMIM, returns the IDs and maps them to Kegg Gene IDs. For each gene, it then gets the description and any corresponding pathways those genes are involved with

Created: 2009-03-03 | Last updated: 2009-11-02

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft User Paul Fisher

Attributions: Workflow Get Kegg Gene information

Workflow Entrez Gene to KEGG Pathway (1)

This workflow takes in Entrez gene ids then adds the string "ncbi-geneid:" to the start of each gene id. These gene ids are then cross-referenced to KEGG gene ids. Each KEGG gene id is then sent to the KEGG pathway database and its relevant pathways returned.

Created: 2014-01-30

Credits: User Alice Heliou

Workflow Retrieve_Pubmed_Publication_by_kegg_pathwa... (1)

This workflow shows in your browser pubmed articles related to input pathway

Created: 2012-10-18

Credits: User Massimo La Rosa User Antonino Fiannaca

Workflow Create_SNP_Set (1)

The purpose of the workflow is to determine SNPs in the vicinity of the genes and create a SNP set for a given set of genes. The user has the freedom to choose the flanking width around the gene for determining the SNPs. The input is in the form of entrez gene ids. Biomart services are used to determine the chromosome and position of the gene as well as determining Affy gene chip 6k ids. The final report is stored as a tab-delimited text file with Affy 6 gene chip ids for the SNP and Kegg inf...

Created: 2012-08-21

Credits: User Harish Dharuri

Workflow Gene_To_Pathways (1)

 This workflow identifier the pathways that are associated with given Kegg gene identifiers. Example inputs that can be used to run the workflow are eco:b0002, eco:b0078

Created: 2012-08-06 | Last updated: 2012-09-07

Credits: User Khalid Belhajjame User Stian Soiland-Reyes

Attributions: Workflow Hello Anyone

Workflow Gene to Pathways (1)

This is a Taverna workflow that given a gene ID fetches the corespondondings pathways. To do so, the workflow make use of two KEGG web services.

Created: 2012-07-09 | Last updated: 2012-07-10

Credits: User Khalid Belhajjame

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