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Tag: threshold Licence: by-sa Group: BioVeL internal

Workflow Calculate quasi-extinction threshold. (1)

This workflow estimates by simulation the quasi-extinction probability time cumulative distribution function for a structured population in an independently and identically distributed (iid) stochastic environment. This workflow is based on the popbio package (stoch.quasi.ext - Calculate quasi-extinction threshold, Stubben, Milligan and Nantel, 2013) based on the The MATLAB code in Box 7.5 (Morris and Doak 2002). For more details of the analysis see: Calculating the probability of hitting a q...

Created: 2014-08-14

Credits: User Maria Paula Balcazar-Vargas User Mikolaj Krzyzanowski User Jon Giddy User Francisco Quevedo User Gerard Oostermeijer

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