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Tag: mrbayes Group: BioVeL
Project Biovel

Workflow Bayesian Phylogenetic Infererence: Evaluat... (7)

BioVeL – Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory Workflow Documentation Name:Perform Short Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference Capacities Programme of Framework 7: EC e-Infrastructure Programme – e-Science Environments - INFRA-2011-1.2.1 Grant Agreement No: 283359 Project Co-ordinator: Mr Alex Hardisty Project Homepage: [][1] [1]: ## 1 Description The Pack contain 3 workflows that perform and validate bayesian phylogenetic i...

Created: 2013-02-20 | Last updated: 2015-06-12

Credits: User Saverio Vicario User Giacinto Donvito User Bachirb

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