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Tag: workflow Licence: by-sa

Workflow DNA sequence analysis pilot (Blat) (2)

Thumb  Workflow-based  DNA sequence analysis on the Dutch Life Science Grid. This workflow is  based on , the last component (Blast analysis) is replaced by Blat analysis    

Created: 2009-11-20 | Last updated: 2009-11-30

Credits: User Angela Luijf User Barbera van Schaik User Glatard

Attributions: Workflow DNA sequence analysis pilot

Workflow 1 (2)

Trivial workflow which will initially fail, retry twice then fall over to the alternative specified for the FailingThing process.

Created: 2007-11-06 | Last updated: 2007-11-20

Credits: User Antoon Goderis User Carole Goble User A. Random Scientist Network-member try it out



Workflow User friendly data mining (7)

This scienti fic workflow was designed for the novice data miners to learn how mining algorithms behave when applied on their datasets. The workflow is the responsible for invoking the mining recommender, as well as using the datasets required by the user, thus returning the ranking of algorithms according to the design criteria of the recommender. 

Created: 2013-10-03 | Last updated: 2019-01-08

Credits: User respinosa

Workflow DataBiNS with Kegg ID (3)

Consumes a KEGG gene id and mines for pathway, GO, PubMed and SNP information about that gene

Created: 2009-07-09 | Last updated: 2010-11-22

Credits: User Mark Wilkinson User Fong Chun Chan

Workflow Biomart and EMBOSS analysis (1)

Using Biomart and EMBOSS soaplab services, This workflow retrieves a number of sequences from 3 species: mouse, human, rat; align them, and returns a plot of the alignment result. Corresponding sequence ids are also returned.

Created: 2009-07-03 | Last updated: 2009-07-03

Credits: User Stian Soiland-Reyes

Attributions: Workflow BiomartAndEMBOSSAnalysis


Workflow Test SOAP/WSDL Service Availability (1)

This workflow tests for all Taverna workflows stored at myExperiment wether the SOAP/WSDL services used still exists. For each SOAP/WSDL service it checks wether the WSDL file is still accessible and whether the operation is still exists. The output is among others a report of accessible services and operation, operations which WSDL file is not accessible, operations which WSDL file still exists, but the operation is not defined anymore. The last set needs to be checked by hand, because...

Created: 2009-05-29

Credits: User Wassinki

Workflow Microbial Metagenomic Trait Statistical An... (9)

This workflow retrieves the following microbial metagenomic traits from the Microbial Metagenomic Trait Database: -GC content -Variance of GC content -Dinucleotides -Number of rRNA -Codon usage -Amino acid composition -Acidic to basic amino acids ratio -% of Transcriptional factors -% of classified reads -Functional content -Functional diversity -Taxonomic content -Taxonomic diversity After the retrieval performs the ecological analyses described in Barberan et al. 2012 (http://dx.doi.or...

Created: 2012-12-19 | Last updated: 2014-11-12

Credits: User Antonio Fernandez-Guerra User Renzo User Peliny Network-member BioVeL


Workflow Ex (1)

Ex of exercise

Created: 2009-11-16

Credits: User Mventosa

Attributions: Workflow EBI_InterProScan for Taverna 2

Workflow G-language Genome Analysis Environment - S... (2)

This workflow calculates the Student's T-test and Pearson/Spearman correlations. See for more information about the G-language Genome Analysis Environment.

Created: 2010-04-05

Credits: User cory (Kazuki Oshita)

Workflow G-language Genome Analysis Environment - G... (2)

This workflow calculates and graphs the GC skew (by default, for keto bases, with window size of 1000) of a given genome sequence identifier. Here the genome sequence in Fasta format is downloaded through the Togo Web Service with RefSeq identifier. See for more information about the G-language Genome Analysis Environment.

Created: 2010-04-05

Credits: User cory (Kazuki Oshita)

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