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Type: Taverna 1 Tag: annotation Licence: by-sa

Workflow Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region (2)

This workflow searches for genes which reside in a QTL (Quantitative Trait Loci) region in the Pig, Sus scrofa. The workflow requires an input of: a chromosome name or number; a QTL start base pair position; QTL end base pair position. Data is then extracted from BioMart to annotate each of the genes found in this region. The Entrez and UniProt identifiers are then sent to KEGG to obtain KEGG gene identifiers. The KEGG gene identifiers are then used to searcg for pathways in the KEGG pathway ...

Created: 2009-11-20 | Last updated: 2009-11-20

Credits: User Paul Fisher

Attributions: Workflow Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region

Workflow Pfam Based Ortholog Filter (1)

This workflow filters an Ondex graph based on the occurrence of Pfam orthologs within the graph. The result is a new Ondex graph. The parameters that can be used with this service are as follows: graphId - the ID of the input Graph. outputGraphId - the ID of the output Graph (Optional). If no output graph is specified filtered items will be removed from the input graph. ConfidenceThreshold - Threshold value for inparanoid confidence. Default value is 100. AnnotationScoreThreshold - Threshold...

Created: 2009-08-19

Credits: User Paul Fisher

Workflow Fetch Dragon images from BioMoby (1)

Fetch images and annotations of snapdragons

Created: 2010-07-14 | Last updated: 2010-07-14

Credits: User EdwardKawas User Tomoinn

Attributions: Workflow Fetch Dragon images from BioMoby

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