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Type: Taverna 2 Tag: comic User: Kayleigh Ayn Bohémier Licence: by-sa Group: IST 600

Workflow Fetch today's Girls with Slingshots comic (1)

This workflow uses local java plugins and filtering operations to fetch today's comic strip image from Girls with Slingshots focuses on the lives of a group of women in their twenties. It is one of the few major webcomics to pass the Bechdel test. Based on the workflow "Fetch today's xkcd comic" by Tom Oinn and Stian Soiland-Reyes.

Created: 2011-09-14 | Last updated: 2011-09-14

Credits: User Kayleigh Ayn Bohémier

Attributions: Workflow Fetch today's xkcd comic Workflow Daily Dilbert

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