Site Announcement: new and improved for developers


Title new and improved for developers

Created: Monday 28 July 2008 15:02:03 (UTC)


We're pleased to announce that we've remodelled the myexperiment wiki to support the myExperiment developer community.

There is now a Developers' section where those of you developing over the API can share information about your projects.  It currently includes Google gadgets, the Taverna plugin, workflows for Facebook and the Java API.  This section also carries information about people running their own myExperiments, and myExperiment developer documentation.

The other information is now organised into Users, News and About. Previously you needed a wiki account to get at anything other than the main page, but now everything is publicly available, so you won't need to use your old accounts.


We’re really keen that everyone working over the API uses the wiki, if only to list who you are and what you’re doing – then all the developers will be able to help out as the community grows.<o:p></o:p>

To get an account so that you can contribute content to the Developer pages please email Don Cruickshank on

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