Privacy Policy

Information Submitted


When you register with myExperiment we ask for a display name and either: a username, password and email address OR an OpenID.

Additional Personal Information

You may optionally provide a public profile, containing an avatar, a public email address, website link, location information (city and country), occupational information (field, role, employer, professional interests) and a biography. This information is publicly visible to all users. All fields are optional and can be amended or removed at any time.

Creation of myExperiment Resources

Any contributions (Workflows, Files, Packs) uploaded to myExperiment can be given a sharing policy to determine who can view, download and edit them. This policy can be changed at any time. You may also specify a license for the content (default: CC BY-SA 3.0). You may delete your contributions at any time.

Social Content

Social activity such as creating and joining groups, adding friends, adding favourites, tagging and making comments on myExperiment is publicly visible and may show up in various news feeds across the site.

Information Automatically Collected

Server Logs

When you browse myExperiment, the server automatically records logs of which pages you access, when you accessed them, and your IP address. These logs are used to diagnose and fix errors in the web application and are not shared with any third parties. Sensitive information (such as passwords) is automatically stripped out. Logs are deleted after 52 days.


myExperiment uses Google Analytics to track how users are discovering myExperiment and interacting with the service. The information gathered includes which pages are visited, which search terms lead visitors to myExperiment, and information about the web browser used. No personally identifiable information is sent to Google, and your IP address is anonymized. Analytics data is deleted after 50 months.

Information Retention

Your information will be retained by myExperiment until you choose to remove it, your account is deleted, or the myExperiment service ceases to exist. You may request the removal of your account by contacting us.

Code of Conduct

myExperiment adheres to the G√ČANT Data Protection Code of Conduct for Service Providers in EU/EEA

Data Controller

The data controller of myExperiment is The University of Manchester. Direct any requests or enquiries to, or:
The myExperiment Team
Room 2.86 c/o School of Computer Science,
Kilburn Building,
Oxford Road,
M13 9PL