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NEW: Upload any type of Workflow you want...

Created: Thursday 23 October 2008 00:35:46 (UTC)


The myExperiment team is very pleased to announce that myExperiment can now store any type of workflow, not just Taverna ones.  This means that you can upload any file as a workflow which can then be shared, discovered, downloaded, tagged, rated, commented on, added to packs and so on.
We already have some Trident workflows, and some experimental plans from chemistry. You can upload your own types of workflows by going to the upload workflow page (you may be asked to log in). If we can't automatically detect the type of workflow and infer data from it (like title and description) you can provide this by selecting the "Enter custom metadata" option in step 2.
Note that we currently provide extended support for Taverna 1 workflows only - we can automatically detect the type, parse title/description metadata, generate preview images, view the internals and enact these workflows all directly in myExperiment. In the coming months we aim to work with our user communties to provide extended support for other types of workflows.
If you would like to get involved in providing extended support for other types of workflows then please contact us. We are keen to work with you in getting myExperiment to support as many other workflows types as possible.
Thanks again for all your support!
The myExperiment Team

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