Site Announcement: Taverna 2.0 is released



Taverna 2.0 is released

Created: Wednesday 17 December 2008 17:37:43 (UTC)


Hello everyone,

Taverna 2.0 the first release of Taverna 2 - the new improved version
of Taverna - is available for download.

Taverna 2 workflows have new capabilities but you can still run existing Taverna 1 workflows in Taverna 2.

Issue Reporting

If you notice any problems with Taverna 2.0 that are not included
in the issues then please report them on the taverna-users mailing

Increased Functionality

Taverna 2.0 has greatly improved functionality over Taverna 1. It includes:

    * An improved user interface
    * A configurable flexible activity (service) palette
    * A new graphical workflow editor including
          o Drag and drop of activities into the workflow
          o Graphical creation/deletion of input and output ports
          o Graphical creation/deletion of links
          o Activity selection by clicking
          o Expansion of ports on individual activities
          o Expansion of individual nested workflows
          o Zooming
          o Unlimited undo and redo of edits
    * A greatly improved enactor offering
          o Pipelining of data from iterative calls of an activity so
            that subsequent activities are started as soon as possible
          o Streaming of data from individual calls of activities so
            subsequent activities can start
          o Production of output results as soon as possible
          o Support for WSRF services
          o Error reporting to allow traceback and debugging of problems
          o Error resilience so that one faulty piece of data does not
            stop a workflow run
    * A contextual view to show and edit information about an activity
    * A graphical interface for user preferences
    * Improved monitoring of workflow enactment
          o Monitoring of iterations of activities
          o Progress viewing within nested workflows
    * Support for URLs in local workers
    * Customization of local workers as workflow-specific beanshells
    * Saving/closing of all workflows
    * Opening of multiple workflows in one go
    * Cyclic dependency detection within workflows
    * Expansion into nested workflows using the Workflow Explorer
    * Online help
    * Explicit support for while loops and conditional processing


For details on how to install and run Taverna 2.0 please see the
download documentation


Taverna 2.0 is licensed under the the Lesser General Public License
(LGPL) Version 2.1.

Issues and Future Roadmap

There are some known issues with Taverna 2.0. A roadmap
describes our plans to solve them and, also, to increase Taverna 2's functionality.


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