Site Announcement: Taverna 2.1 has arrived !



Taverna 2.1 has arrived !

Created: Friday 18 December 2009 11:11:38 (UTC)


The Taverna team are happy to announce that Taverna 2.1 is now
available for download at

It includes many new features and bug fixes based on extensive
usability reviews and hours of testing.

2.1 truly is the next release up from the 1.7.x line.

2.1 features:

   * Copy/paste, shortcuts, undo/redo, drag and drop
   * An Animated workflow diagram
   * Remembers added/removed services
   * Secure Web services support
   * Up-to-date R support
   * Enhanced Provenance (allows viewing Intermediate values during
workflow runs)
   * myExperiment integration
   * Excel and csv spreadsheet support

Release notes -

Migration guide -

These links and example workflows are available in the Starter pack

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