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myExperiment and BioCatalogue

Created: Friday 09 April 2010 15:31:48 (UTC)



BioCatalogue is a sister project of myExperiment - it provides a curated catalogue of Life Science Web Services. If you've not used it, check out and

We're just commencing the first part of an integration between myExperiment and Biocatalogue - this will make it easy for myExperiment users to access service information, navigating to BioCatalogue for further details (documentation etc) .  In turn, BioCatalogue will benefit from information about the services used in the public workflows of myExperiment.

The first step has been to extend the myExperiment codebase to harvest information over BioCatalogue's RESTful API.  In due course we'll be trialling a new "services tab" on our myExperiment test servers.  Watch this space!

-- Dave








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