Site Announcement: myExperiment and e-Research South



myExperiment and e-Research South

Created: Friday 27 August 2010 09:17:53 (UTC)


We're pleased to announce that myExperiment has joined the portofilio of projects in the e-Research South consortium. This means it is now part of two consortia funded by EPSRC, i.e. myGrid and e-Research South.
We welcome the new opportunities that this brings. We of course continue to develop myExperiment as part of our family of e-Laboratories projects which includes BioCatalogue, SysmoDB and methodbox.
For those attending the UK e-Science All Hands meeting in Cardiff (Sep 13-16) you'll find myExperiment on the e-Research South booth.  For this and other event announcements see the news page on the myExperiment Wiki.
-- Dave




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