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myExperiment Release

Created: Monday 08 April 2013 14:46:53 (UTC)


The next release of myExperiment is planned for the 22-04-2013. New features to be incorporated into the next release are:

  • A reorganisation of the side bar. Users have reported that the right hand side bar uses a lot of screen real estate for little value. User information will still be available via the user account page.
  • Additional support for news feeds. This is both in terms of the feeds available for new content, and an ability for groups to incorporate feed information into group pages. 

As part of our new release cycle process, we'd like to include a demo of new features and changes for any interested users. This will take place on 15-04-2013 at 14:00 (BST) and will be via a Skype call. If you are interested in participating, please contact Don Cruickshank <>.

Further overview information about release planning is available on the myExperiment wiki: <>. For those interested in more details of current development status, please see the myExperiment JIRA: <>.

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