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Category: Workflow Type: Taverna 1 Tag: list Licence: by-sa

Workflow CloneItemsInList (1)

Utility workflow that clones an item copy_number times. You can use this to work around standard iteration strategies, e.g. in combination with the CountListItems workflow. Workflow examples: TestIterationStrategy_withClones. For an alternative approach see TestIterationStrategy_withNesting. Example I/O: input: A copy_number: 3 result: [A,A,A] input: [A,B,C] copy_number: 3 result: [[A,A,A][B,B,B][C,C,C]] input: [A,B,C] copy_number: [3,2] result: [[[A,A,A],[A,A]][[B,B,B],[B,B]],[[C,C,C],...

Created: 2007-11-29

Credits: User Marco Roos

Workflow TestIteratorStrategy_withCloning (2)

This workflow implements a strategy for this problem: > I would like to perform an iteration including a dot product between > a list and a list of lists; example: > Input: > > [1] (1) > [A,B,C] (2) > [[a,b],[c,d],[e,f]] (3) > > Desired output: > > [1Aa, 1Ab, 1Bc, 1Bd, 1Ce, 1Cf] In this implementation a java beanshell is used to clone the items in list 2 as many times per item as there are items in the sublists of list 3. The iteration stra...

Created: 2007-11-29 | Last updated: 2007-11-29

Credits: User Marco Roos

Workflow fetch_fasta (1)

This work flow is designed to take an EMBL file containing the genomic data for an identified bacterium. From this information the workflow can determine whether or not that this strain is an MRSA type of bug. This can be determined based on the MecA profile of the given strain. Blast is utilised to find a relationship with given proteins and that of know S. aureus strains. This phylogenic output is generated from a ClustalW algorithm that plots a phylogenic tree. The output is prese...

Created: 2009-03-20 | Last updated: 2009-03-20

Credits: User Jumblejumble

Workflow Search InChI in ChemSpider (1)

This workflows queries ChemSpider for compound information and compound images. Note that a Chemspider security token is needed in order to access some of the ChemSpider services (receive one by registering at ChemSpider). Possible search terms might be InChI codes, ChemSpider identifiers or names.

Created: 2009-03-30 | Last updated: 2009-03-30

Credits: User Michael Gerlich

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