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Taverna is an open source family of tools for designing and executing workflows, created by the myGrid project and funded by OMII UK, the EPSRC, BBRC, ESRC, JISC and Microsoft. The workbench includes contributions by the Moby Consortiumm and the University of Twente.

The family consists of the Taverna Engine (the workhorse), and the Taverna Workbench (desktop client) that sits on top of the Engine. A Taverna Service (remote workflow execution server) for Taverna 2 is under development. See for further information.

Taverna 2 is the latest version of the Taverna Workbench and is recommended for new users. Taverna 2 workflow descriptions are produced and consumed by this version of the workbench. It can also read most workflows in the earlier Taverna 1 format (SCUFL), which means that Taverna 2 users can make use of both Taverna 1 and Taverna 2 workflows on myExperiment.

Direct access to myExperiment is integrated in the Taverna 2 workbench. Users of Taverna 2 can browse, download, open and comment upon workflows on myExperiment. Workflows can also be uploaded to myExperiment from Taverna and shared with other users.

Created at: Thursday 21 May 2009 10:32:57 (UTC)

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