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BioExtract Server is a distributed database service designed to consolidate and serve data subsets from accessible, heterogeneous, biomolecular databases. It offers a central distribution point for uniformly formatted data from various data sources. The basic operations of the BioExtract Server allow researchers via their Web browsers to: specify data sources; select cleaning and analytic tools; flexibly query the sources with a full range of relational operators; determine download formats for their resulting extracts; save workflows; and name and keep query results persistent for reuse.

When a BioExtract Server workflow is uploaded to myExperiment, a 'run' link is available to allow users to run the workflow directly within the BioExtract Server environment.

Created at: Monday 08 June 2009 10:27:28 (UTC)

Updated at: Friday 23 April 2010 12:56:44 (UTC)

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