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The stage-structured life cycle of resident killer whales with seven life stages:

(1) calves; (Calf)
(2) juveniles; (Juv)
(3) young reproductive females; (F1)
(4) old reproductive females; (F2)
(5) post-reproductive females; (F3)
(6) young mature males; and (M1)
(7) old mature males (M2).

Fi represent fertility; Gi represent stage transition probabilities, with female and male juvenile-to-adult transitions indicated as G2f and G2m, respectively; and, Pi represent the probability of surviving and remaining in stage i

The input data (a .csv-file) has to have the format of a table containing the survival and fecundity rates per stage, per year, per population of the Orcinus orca. E.g. Calf_surv_S = 0, 75 will the survival value of the first year (in this case 1987) of the SRKW calves stage.

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