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This documentation contains the tutorial to run two related workflows.


1.    Resident killer whale-chinook salmon interactions workflow


The Resident killer whale-chinook salmon interactions workflow provides an environment to create calculate a two-sex stage-structured matrix with no density dependence and with vital rates as random variables or as functions of Chinook abundance from specific stock aggregates and to (i) quantify the differences in demographic rates between Orcinus orca population that explain population growth; (ii) to determine the relative influence of vital rates and Chinook abundance-vital rate interactions on expected population growth; (iii) to generate projections of population size at various time horizons.


2.    Exploration of fishing scenarios workflow


This workflow cannot be run without running first the Resident killer whale-chinook salmon interactions workflow. The Exploration of fishing scenarios workflow needs the PostWorkspace, a zip file generated by the first workflow. See details page 39, PostWorkspace (zip file).


This workflow merges statistical inference derived from linkages between resident killer whale (RKW) vital rates (survival probability and fecundity rates) and chinook salmon abundance with demographic perturbation analysis and population viability analysis to address some of the pressing questions that have recently engaged the efforts of scientists and managers interested in: (1) the role of chinook salmon abundance in the population dynamics of RKW; and (2) how RKW population viability is expected to respond to changes in chinook mortality owing to harvest.


This workflow can be used to analyse interactions between Chinook salmon abundance from specific stock aggregates and killer whale vital rates, the effect of these interactions on killer whale population growth, and the exploration of Chinook salmon fishing scenarios on killer whale population growth and short term projections of population size. See necessary input data.

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