File Entry: Development of global efficiency criterion of target operations

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Guaranteed maximization of financial returns from economic structures is only possible if all of its systems are focused on selecting target operations with maximum efficiency. Is it possible?
Any system is created to enhance the value of output products of the system operation. Thus, two products: a consumer product that has value to the customer and the target product (value added), rewarding manufacturer of consumer value are formed at the output of the managed system.
If the management system has degrees of freedom, obtaining a consumer product with desired quality characteristics can be achieved with various management modes, each corresponding to their costs, results and operation time. All that is necessary is to be able to evaluate the efficiency of the operation based on its basic indicators, available for any operation.
Efficiency formula, which can be used to assess any target operation, including with distributed parameters was obtained. In this case, it is necessary to use numerical methods.
As applied to the model of the simple operation, efficiency formula is extremely simple. To use it, it is necessary to get only three parameters from the system under study: the cost estimate of input products of the operation, the cost estimate of output products of the operation and the operation time.
Since these basic indicators are available in absolutely any system, they can all be oriented to achieve the global goal – the maximum resource efficiency.

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