File Entry: What in the World is Universe?: A prime example

Created: 2016-11-22 20:48:25
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Biological reproduction in an unreal world built of equality produces 2^n non unique identical soldiers. Inequalities, though, are required to represent overlap of spaces in a real world built of intercoursing spaces. Other than possible representation of space as a box with 8 vertices (3 generations), 5 + 1-invisible vertice are advanced to represent a world of unique individuals entailing 2's company, 3t 's a crowd. Though contemporary approaches involve a world/universe that is expanding, unique space that is being lost with time-entropic doom, it is entailed here that as space is shrinking unique space is constantly being created.


This writing attempts to capture mind and matter to rational description by focusing on disparity between scientifc method as it extracts concepts and discards particulars and ordinary cognitive functioning that extends from proximal experience. Discourse underlined with the concept of strict uniqueness of world entities is intended to examine critically paradox and solution eforts in the mathematical and cosmological sciences as problems of zero, infnity: vast and small numbers and discreteness are addressed.
Keywords: mind / matter, motion, prime numbers, cognition


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