File Entry: The Art of Learning: Knowledge Comprehension and Implementation

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The Learning concept can be categorized by supervised and unsupervised learning in a broad sense, where supervised learning model assumes the availability of a teacher or supervisor who classifies the training examples and unsupervised learning model identify the pattern classes by information heuristically or by experience. A novel concept of learning; Reflective Teaching-learning methodology is derived from reinforcement learning an accurate self-perception technique to promote learning process more interesting. Self-knowledge is the foundation of success and be enlightened. If the teacher or student integrates their mind tools such as metaphorical thinking and strategic superiority in his/her reflective learning-teaching methodology, the learning-teaching process becomes more challenging. Metaphorical thinking is a natural phenomenon of the human brain to find similarity between two different universes of meaning. Strategic- superiority is another natural phenomenon in which human brain associates challenges in to text material with structures and establish a direction in one’s own mind. Integrating these two mind tools consciously in reflective teaching-learning process transforms the teachers as well as students to highly self motivated individuals. The art of learning is a self evaluation approach which is strategic and tactics in nature meaning that the learners construct new knowledge from their experiences related to the mental frame work that already exists in their mind. It naturally favors the self evaluation process providing competitive performance using knowledge compression. 

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