File Entry: Present scenario of cybercrime in INDIA and its preventions

Created: 2016-11-24 17:50:34
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The internet in India is growing rapidly. It has given rise to new opportunity in every field like – entertainment, business, sports, education etc. It is universally true that every coin has 2 sides, same for the internet, it uses has both advantage and disadvantage, and one of the most disadvantage is Cyber-crime. We can say, cyber-crime is any illegal activity which is committed using a computer network (especially the internet). Also, cyber-crime involves the breakdown of privacy, or damage to the computer system properties such as files, website pages or software. In India most of cyber-crime cases are committed by educated person (some cyber – crime requires skills). So, it is required the deep knowledge about the cyber –crime and it prevention. Also, in India most of the cases foundwhere, crimes are committed due to lack of knowledge or by mistake. In this paper, I have discussed various categories and cases of cyber-crime which is committed due to lack of knowledge or sometimes due to intention behind. I also, suggested various preventive measures against these unlawful acts in day to day life.

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