File Entry: Cloud Computing: A New Era of Saving Precious Lives in the developing World

Created: 2016-11-24 17:53:57
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Cloud Computing, nowadays used for saving cost, space, computer hardware and software, can be implemented on a newly designed system with cloud computing approach is a solution for remote  districts,  villages  in  hilarious  regions  where  mobile network exists. First it can be implemented on animals and then if successful  can  be  implemented  on  human  beings.  It  provides better solution for the patients admitted in a veterinary hospital first and then hospital or primary health center for humans. The 
developing countries are still fighting with less number of doctors in those areas and sometime in town or big cities are also searching for certain specialist medical practitioners opinion. The situation is already worst for poor and illiterate people in terms of finding a doctor in such area. So it is easily understandable for animals, it's 
horrible.  Existing  system  in  major  parts  are  based  on  manual paper  work  and  independent  standalone  applications  in  some districts'/ small towns' hospitals and primary health centers which results in waste of resources, high construction and maintenance costs and difficult to manage and maintain. The main objective of 
proposing cloud based solution is to reduce the cost (construction and  maintenance),  to  reduce  data  loss  risk,  to  gather  all  the hospitals  on  one  platform  to  better  access  patients'  medical information  for  easy  management  and  maintenance.  The proposed  cloud  computing  solution  is  intended  to  be  used  by hospitals  and  primary  health  centers  of  third  world  countries; however the solution is generic and can be used by hospitals of any country and the community based hospitals. This approach also saves a massive amount of paper works and be able to save trees to fulfill one step ahead to the greener world. In future the proposed system will have a huge impact on saving animal and human life and  we  will  feel  goodness  by  dedicating  this  system  for humankind. Some people will laugh at using clouds for animals 
but we do strongly believe in the fact that all the creations are made by the godfather for all and each of them have equal rights to get facilities in this new era of cloud technologies.

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