File Entry: Pathway Abstracts for Day7 Microarray Tir1 QTL

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This file contains all the abstracts for pathways found to be differentially expressed at day 7 post infection and intersect the Tir1 QTL region, from the African Trypanosomiasis project.

Each pathway is listed as ">> [Pathway Name]", together with a PubMed identifier, date, and abstract for each article. Each pathway has been restricted to 500 abstracts, and is given in the date range 31/12/2007 to 01/01/2009. Note, some pathways do not have any abstracts available due to these restrictions. The date these results were gathered was 25/02/2009.

A MeSH tag was appended to each pathway name, when conducting a seacrh through PubMed: "Metabolic Networks and Pathways"[MeSH Terms].

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