File Entry: The Bend : A Speculation on History and Science

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The age of human civilization is given the name “the bend” based on a re-examination of the emergence of science, science theory content, and history.</font></font>

 Civilization, existing over its course, in  darkness to the  nature of its partnership with the elements, oscillates in a romance that alternates between logical explanation, the rational, and illogical as they are  presented to him from the external. Its’ course, set on the logical sorting of the worlds elements, life experience, necessarily reflects those  conditions,  and thus emerges to parallel perceptions in a similar manner. If in  reflections alternate conditions do not  exist that do not exceed his perceptions and physically applied cognitions  a potentially  blinded, self defining course exists. Both civilization and separate nature are, in this circumstance, though mutually equal as entities of perspective dependant logic and illogic, potentially pursue parallel though unequal courses. It is  necessarily the case that actual path differentials,  composed of logical and illogic  are the real enumerator of life kinds footing. Prominent scholarly  works , judged to be exemplary of historical behavior  and that focus on the  emergence of path will be critically examined in order to argue that civilization and its’ external spaces are modulated differentially- one, (civilization), by its’ own will as a construct of the experienced logical and illogical, the other (nature) by its’ empathy for the future, the open, a repulsion of the past but not the contiguity of its’ path. The era of human civilization will be  named the “bend” to reflect both an innate property of nature and an evolved division between the course of nature and that of mankind.
<o:p></o:p><o:p><font>This manuscript is meant as a sequel to "A Plane Economy of Space Surfaces from the Mathematics of Einstein and Euclid" and "Einstein and Mythology...". I would be very interested to know of and discuss potential examples of physical bends  occuring during the course of genetic emergence or the emergence of traits in any species.
Marvin Kirsh <font></font>

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