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It is an entity of nature,  the human conceiver that emerges ?the concept?. It might be conjectured that in order for  a human  conceiver to conceive a concept of ?the concept?, as a subset of nature, first he must have a concept of nature with which to commence investigation into the nature of ?the  concept?.  Second,  the nature of ?the concept? might be expected to be an emergence from the individuals? concept of nature; in essence to reflect a concept of self that is necessarily evolved from life experience and perception as it is perceived to possess universal facets common both to all human life and experience with external agents; in combination defined as ?nature?.  The contiguity of identity, of self, of the external, amidst a continual flux, generation  and regeneration, renewal of both internal and external physical elements underlines all cognition and consciousness.  In this presentation a conceptual integration of the mental processes, in reference to conceptual identity of  concepts of the concept  and the physical, both the physiological body and the physical external-i.e. mind with matter, matter with mind- entails a physical contiguity, propagation  of form by a means of physical proximity of the entity energy/matter as it entails and is entailed to ?path?; ?path? denotes and is interchangeable with the entity ?memory?.  A redefined scientific methodology, resembling methodologies related to the elucidations of cultural processes, traits and evolution,  is valid only with strict reference in definition and study to relations, interrelations, the witness pair,  as strictly relative; (space)/(the empirical volume)  as a physically relative entity in which  estimated physical totals are made of overlapping or distributed constituents among entities as  synergistic products of independently attributed individual physical volumes.  Emerged/emerging conceptual structuring reflect  the emerged/emerging physical environment and are necessarily related structurally, parallelily, mutually  emerging in a manner guided by forces that mold physical form.  An underlying conceptual shape and physical existence, an egg shape,  postulated to be a single  important conceptual, structural and  physical universal, constructed simply from very basic dynamic laws of energy and matter of Einstein and Newton. is presented in a 3.D space surface plot.   <o:p></o:p>

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