File Entry: D5.3v2 Calculation of Luminosity Profiles for a Sample of Galaxies extracted from Catalogues using Isolation Criteria

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This document describes the development of the second Golden Exemplar proposed in Work Package 5: Workflow Astronomy Preservation, and provides discussion about user-driven issues risen in this process and related with general objectives of the Wf4Ever project. The document pertains to the assembly of two Research Objects (RO) packing the digital experiment undertaken for the extraction of a sample of galaxies based on environmental criteria and the calculation of luminosity profiles in several bands for each of the galaxies. The main purpose of deliverable D5.3v2 is to produce the workflows and ROs for the second Golden Exemplar in order to provide feedback based on a user experience for the models and technologies developed in the Wf4Ever project. The workflows and ROs developed may be accessed publicly in the MyExperiment  portal, where the two ROs produced have been uploaded as MyExperiment Packs, as well as in the RODL Wf4Ever Sandbox.

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