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Taverna was recently adopted by several computational grid initiatives and processors have been prepared to access these resources. This group intends to help in avoiding redundant developments with regards to grid interfaces and shall help with a compatibility of the workflows being generated.

Created at: Thursday 21 August 2008 12:35:45 (UTC)

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    Steffen Möller shared Example for external tools with gzip and gunzip
    This workflow is self-contained. It has a fixed URL from which a text file is downloaded (output as Original_file). That file is gzipped (output as Compressed_File) and then gunzipped again (output as Decompressed_File). The workflow wraps external tools from and needs a beta ve …
    Wednesday 18 May 2011 09:22:54 (UTC)
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    Steffen Möller shared External Tool: Numerically adding two values with 'bc'.
    The workflow is an examples for the External Tools / UseCase plugin to integrate external tools. It wraps the "bc" command line calculator. Internally, it executes the following script: if [ ! -r "$1" ]; then echo "Cannot read file indicated by first argument '$1'." ; exit -1 ; fi ; if [ ! -r "$2" ]; …
    Friday 06 May 2011 16:11:25 (UTC)
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    Julio Proaño joined the Computational Grid group
    Saturday 08 January 2011 11:18:11 (UTC)
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    Steffen Möller shared dbfetch tutorial
    This workflow eases entry in the world of Taverna with one of the key tasks - the retrieval of plain data. The dbfetch offers sequence and structure data from a large variety of sources. A first execution of this workflow informs about these in the "getSupportedDBs" output. Also the formats and style …
    Monday 22 September 2008 01:05:37 (UTC)
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    Steffen Möller shared echo
    The workflow tests the standard-compliance of web service descriptions of ARC-1, a development of the EU project "KnowARC" to modernise the grid infrastructure ARC of the NorduGrid. Learn more about it on and . If you have computers in spare - join us - …
    Thursday 18 September 2008 14:44:54 (UTC)
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    Mike 'Mike' Jones joined the Computational Grid group
    Wednesday 03 September 2008 10:32:22 (UTC)
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    Steffen Möller shared Structural alignment of arbitrary number of protein structures.
    This grid-executed Mustang application performs a structural alignment of protein sequences. The number of arguments is variable, in principle, but is shown here for three. The application is executed via the Taverna-ARC plugin on a machine of the NorduGrid. Although your machine can be a part of it, …
    Tuesday 02 September 2008 14:59:24 (UTC)
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    Steffen Möller commented:
    The structural alignment with Mustang was contributed as a (partially) grid-executed workflow.
    Sunday 24 August 2008 22:48:09 (UTC)
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    Steffen Möller shared mustang provides structural alignment of two proteins
    This workflow experiments with the partial execution of jobs on a computational grid. The workflow elements "mustang" and "boxshade" are executed on grid nodes. Access to these resources is orchestrated with the plugin available on . Please contact the author of this wo …
    Friday 22 August 2008 16:50:45 (UTC)
  10. 451?size=48x48
    Steffen Möller created the Computational Grid group
    Thursday 21 August 2008 12:35:45 (UTC)

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