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This group contains teaching resources for the Taverna training course at the Cranfield University, 22nd January 2014.

Created at: Sunday 19 January 2014 14:05:12 (UTC)



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    Dr Kaveh Ostad Ali Askari joined the Cranfield Course - January 2014 group
    Sunday 05 February 2017 14:21:39 (UTC)
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    Aleksandra Pawlik shared Using R service in Taverna - Introduction
    Introduction to using R service in Taverna workflows.
    Wednesday 22 January 2014 13:29:52 (UTC)
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    Aleksandra Pawlik shared Introduction to building workflows with Taverna
    Introduction to building workflows with Taverna for the Cranfield University course.
    Wednesday 22 January 2014 13:28:47 (UTC)
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    Aleksandra Pawlik shared Cranfield - Introduction to webservices and workflows
    Introduction to workflows, web services and Taverna for the Cranfield University.
    Wednesday 22 January 2014 13:27:41 (UTC)
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    Aleksandra Pawlik shared Tutorial for Cranfield Course
    Wednesday 22 January 2014 12:02:37 (UTC)
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    Ruth Eberhardt shared simple fasta workflow
    workflow using services
    Wednesday 22 January 2014 11:45:47 (UTC)
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    Aleksandra Pawlik created the Cranfield Course - January 2014 group
    Sunday 19 January 2014 14:05:12 (UTC)

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Workflow Test (1)

A Simple work flow to gain experiance in using Tavern

Created: 2014-01-22

Credits: User Gregory Prescott User Anthony A User Numan Uddin User Joanne Stonehouse Network-member Cranfield Course - January 2014

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