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As an alliance, the CWA favours support for multiple languages. Support for multiple languages means that it needs to be possible for both the software and the data to be displayed in multiple languages.

Not everybody has English as its first language and many important medical corpora are in other languages. The CWA supports multi language support because:

  • it increases the application of the available data

  • it allows us to involve patient organisations and other communities

  • new translations improve the quality of data mining in one language and data presentation at the same time

  • languages like Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese are obvious targets but not exclusively so

The relevance of the CWA itself will be enhanced because of our multi language support. The data that we have available will be used for the data mining needed for bio-banking as well as the presentation of data in software.



Created at: Saturday 08 August 2009 07:54:03 (UTC)

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    Denis costello shared EU Call for proposals for Machine translations for the multilingual web
    See page 28 of enclosed document outlining call for projects to be funding by EU in the context of Information Society.&nbsp; More info: &nbsp;&nbsp;"The total funding available for this …
    Wednesday 12 August 2009 16:23:19 (UTC)
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    Barend commented:
    Gerard, we can actively invite people like Abel tojoin n ow I suppose ? Please also update upload the call text Denis sent you (someone else may wish to take the lead. I also think your intro text is a bit long in this position, maybe shorten it and upload the entire doc separately as 'description of …
    Wednesday 12 August 2009 16:17:48 (UTC)
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    Denis costello joined the CWA working group 2.10: multilinguality group
    Wednesday 12 August 2009 10:30:38 (UTC)
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    GerardM created the CWA working group 2.10: multilinguality group
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