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This group is for researchers studying open source software development. Sharing analysis workflows and components is an efficient way to advance the efforts of the FLOSS research community and is consistent with the values of the development communities we study. The aim of this group is to leverage what we have learned from the FLOSS development community, neatly summarized by Eric Raymond: "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."

Created at: Wednesday 06 February 2008 15:17:36 (UTC)

Unique name: FLOSS



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    Steffen Möller shared Example for external tools with gzip and gunzip
    This workflow is self-contained. It has a fixed URL from which a text file is downloaded (output as Original_file). That file is gzipped (output as Compressed_File) and then gunzipped again (output as Decompressed_File). The workflow wraps external tools from and needs a beta ve …
    Wednesday 18 May 2011 09:22:54 (UTC)
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    Andrea Wiggins shared FLOSS Research Analyses
    Workflows for analysis of free/libre open source software development.
    Friday 05 June 2009 13:58:57 (UTC)
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    Andrea Wiggins shared Rich Get Richer
    This workflow is a replication of the analysis from an OSCon 2004 presentation by Megan Conklin, entitled "Do the Rich Get Richer?" to demonstrate scale-free distribution of FLOSS developers among projects. The workflow retrieves the current number of active developers (for the most recent calculatio …
    Thursday 05 February 2009 02:42:44 (UTC)
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    FLOSShub: new FLOSS research resource portal
    FLOSShub is a one-stop source for free/libre and open source software research resources. Bringing together the distributed expertise of FLOSS developers and researchers around the world, FLOSShub provides a portal to people, papers, data, and know-how. Please feel free to take advantage of the resou …
    Thursday 22 January 2009 16:21:37 (UTC)
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    Andrea Wiggins commented:
    Reposted from, for details about how to get database access for FLOSSmole data for running workflows: ----- I'm excited to give you all a heads up that the entire flossmole database is now available directly via a MySQL server. We have transferred the database to …
    Tuesday 16 September 2008 02:07:59 (UTC)
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    Andrea Wiggins commented:
    I've recently made a couple of presentations on the use of Taverna in FLOSS research that may be of interest. The slides are available via Slideshare at the following URLs. h …
    Friday 12 September 2008 15:08:50 (UTC)
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    Andrea Wiggins shared Data Set Metadata Generator
    This workflow generates ePrints XML import files with data set metadata for the FLOSSmole project. It reads in an input file generated from a Notre Dame SourceForge dump SQL query and uses regular expressions to parse the filename for the data set's source repository, download URL, and basic descript …
    Tuesday 19 August 2008 21:17:15 (UTC)
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    Megan Squire joined the Free/Libre Open Source Software group
    Friday 18 July 2008 20:01:03 (UTC)
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    Ross Gardler commented:
    OSS Watch ( ) would like to invite you or a nominated colleague to contribute to an Expert workshop on profiling communities. OSS Watch is the JISC funded open source advisory service to UK HE and FE, hosted by the Oxford University Computing Services. This is an invitation …
    Wednesday 07 May 2008 16:49:03 (UTC)

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