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Created at: Wednesday 11 January 2012 10:09:47 (UTC)

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    Jhermes shared Merkel Government Statement Analysis
    Calculates the 100 most important words of each governmental statement from chancellor Merkel based their log likelihood values (compared to all govermental statements from her). Check out the pack - to get the workflow with required text data.
    Wednesday 19 September 2012 14:48:21 (UTC)
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    AGeduldig shared document clustering
    Tesla Experiment Clustering wikipedia articles of different topics Evaluation of the results with the purity measure and rand index
    Wednesday 15 February 2012 16:05:02 (UTC)
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    Jhermes shared Latex Text Cloud Visualization
    An experiment to visualise my dissertation text within a word cloud. This experiment is configured for Windows. To run it under Linux or Mac, change the configuration file of the tree tagger wrapper.
    Monday 30 January 2012 14:28:29 (UTC)
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    Mneumann joined the Tesla Users group
    Wednesday 18 January 2012 10:17:23 (UTC)
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    AGeduldig shared document clustering
    example workflow for document clustering and evaluation
    Tuesday 17 January 2012 12:29:13 (UTC)
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    Jhermes shared Structural methods on ciphers
    This is a pack of experiments (from my dissertation), where linguistic entities were determined within two ciphers (the Trithemian Polygraphia III and the Voynich Manuscript ) using structural methods (minimal pair analysis, distributional measurements). Required text files supplied.
    Monday 16 January 2012 14:00:43 (UTC)
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    Jhermes shared Comparative text statistics
    Three tesla experiments on text of different types, showing similarities between a PIII cipher and the VM code. Required texts supplied.
    Friday 13 January 2012 10:31:12 (UTC)
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    AGeduldig, and Sschwieb joined the Tesla Users group
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    Jhermes created the Tesla Users group
    Wednesday 11 January 2012 10:09:47 (UTC)

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