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Title: Galaxies Sample Selection Research Object

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 In order to understand the evolution of galaxies, detailed analysis of images plays a key role. During the last years telescopes working at different wavelengths have been imaging the whole sky. One example of this is the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The generated images provides a wealth of information, publicly available, and hence allowing them to be used by any interested group in the study of their own samples of objects or generation of new samples. The two main processing of the images generated by sky surveys are "Extraction of sources" and "Structural analysis of the light"

Extraction of sources: point and extended objects can be found in images of the sky, most frequently the first corresponding to stars, and the second to galaxies. Although their visual identification is in general straightforward, production of samples of objects according to different criteria becomes not only more complex, but inefficient to be done in an interactive non-automated visual process. For this reason, the first Research Obejct of the 2nd Golden Exemplar of the Astronomy use case in the Wf4Ever project is focused on tasks to generate samples of objects with specific characteristics.
The result of this study will be applied by the AMIGA group of astronomers of the Wf4Ever project in order to determine the properties of isolated galaxies, those who spend most of their life in absence of strong interactions with neighbours, and test the hypothesis that for this sample the bulge component has a smaller size than for other interacting samples. This would be expected if bulges grow, as models predict, due to accretion of material from interactions. Such study requires the analysis of a large sample so that it has a statistical value. However the implied processes are complex enough to prevent for an efficient work when they have to be executed manually and the protocol is not thoroughly described. 

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    File: D5.3v2 Calculation of Luminosity Profiles for a Sample of Galaxies extracted from Catalogues using Isolation Criteria (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

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    Workflow: Environment (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

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    File: Extraction of Properties from a Sample of Galaxies (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

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    Workflow: Intialize Sample (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

    Added by Jose Enrique Ruiz ... more than 1 year ago (2013-01-05 16:59:06)


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